Underneath – Original Art


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Underneath – Original Art

I’m always curious about what’s hidden, what’s beneath the surface. In this  canvas I’m exploring and having fun with imagining what’s just underneath the outer layer. And what might be bursting to get out.

This is a  mixed media collage  which just means that I’ve used many different medias to create it, such as acrylic paint, watercolor paint, ink and pencils. The background is a collage of old book pages with semi transparent layers of paint added.  The image of a woman is painted in watercolors, ink and pencil. Fish swim in her vibrant blue skirt. Leaves and flowers surround her face. Swirling orange needlework, sewed with vintage thread, are sewn into the canvas. You can run your finger along them and feel their texture.

Canvas measures 9 x 12″
Gallery wrapped canvas – no need to frame

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