Goddess Shrine



The line – you too can be a goddess – taken from a magazine article, inspired this assemblage art piece.

This 3d assemblage is a shrine to every woman, from the college graduate, the stay at home mom to the career woman and the grandma making cookies with her grand kids, to remind her that she is a goddess. Even when she doesn’t feel like one.

A cigar box is home to this personal altar with an arched frame that surrounds a pink plastic toy goddess. A vintage map and words cut from an old book cover the arch. A soft fabric background has a poem written on it. A mirror on the textured pink inside cover helps to remind us we are goddesses and a vintage library card pocket can hold your hopes and dreams. I’ve tucked a poem inside to help get you started.

The outside is simply painted in white with a vintage photo of an everyday goddess. I left it simple so that, if you like, it could be left closed on a dresser or bookshelf, keeping secret what’s inside.

Lovingly made to revere the hard working women in our lives, even ourselves.

Measures 3 7/8 x 5 1/4 x 1 1/2″